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Introduction of Flash Chat
System Requirements
Install Flash Server on Windows
Install Flash Media Server
Install Red5 Server
Install Flash Server on Linux
Install Flash Media Server
Install Red5 Server
Install Video Chat Server
Installation of FMS Edition
Installation of Red5 Edition
Install Video Chat Client
Installation of Client
Configuration via setting.xml
Make your Client Setup program
Custom Skin
Database Integration
Install Chat's database (PHP)
PHP Interface description
Install Chat's database (.NET)
.NET Interface description
Administrator's Guide
Administrator Panel
FAQ and Troubleshooting
Installation Tour (Linux) RED5 Edition
Installation Tour (Linux) FMS Edition


3 Easy Steps to Upgrade Chat System

Note: Please backup all the files before the upgrade so as to avoid losing any important data.

1) Upgrade the server program

It is very simple to upgrade the server program, which can be done just by copying and covering.

  • Red5 Edition
    First stop Red5 service by this command: /sbin/service red5 stop
    Under the installation folder of Red5, enter the directory webapps/soChat/WEB-INF/lib. Then replace the file soChat.jar with the latest version.
    At last, restart Red5 service to finish: /sbin/service red5 start

  • FMS Edition
    Go to the path under FMS installation directory applications/soChat/.
    Cover the old files by soChat.far file of the new version copy.

2) Upgrade the client program

It can be done by replacing the old files by the new client program file.

Since most browsers are using cache, the swf file of Chat client program would be cached. In order to let visitor download the latest file "chat.swf" automatically, renaming the file is recommended. For example, change its name into "chat1.61.swf". And after you change the file name, please open web page and modify the file name in the path too.

3) Check configuration

The versions before 1.61 may loose configuration information due to the change of configuration format. Please login chat as admin, and then go to the administrator panel, check the configuration information and reset it.

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